Global Sourcing

Our numerous partners across seas provide competitive prices for quality products

Partnered manufacturers located across China & S. Korea

All Products Quality Assured Before Shipments Are Made

Drop Ship your Products Anywhere in the United States

With highly vetted domestic and offshore sources and factories we can pinpoint your exact needs/expectations.

Start to Finish

RK Global Sourcing Company can guide you step-by-step, designing your pro-type and refining that design to create your first mold. We provide all our client samples and guidelines, including types of material, sizing, and product utility. All clients are provided with transparent pricing, and expectations of productions times, making the process simple and seamless.

No Hassle Gauranteed

Any complications doing business over seas is eliminated as all our clients work with only our highly vetted partners and sources. All shipments are checked for the highest quality and assurance in our remote locations before leaving the ground. Once shipments land experts from our company will guide you though any import process and paperwork. Our services are guaranteed until all products are delivered to your door or location of choosing and all shipments accounted for.